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Instant training improvement tips: Smashing Circumstances


Of the many lessons to success and goal achievement, ‘opportunities’ to excel are rare and more of a glimmer of hope rather than very obvious. Opportunities, from my thirty years of coaching, are never ‘gift wrapped’ and what you make.


I did not grow up with the ‘silver spoon’ and speaking of it minimally, life was very bleak in much of younger years with ‘hope’ and ‘opportunity’ absent. Yet, like many people in the same situation, I never knew how the odds were stacked against me simply because I never allowed a defeatist attitude to take root in my heart.


When you back is pressed against the wall and odds stacked high against you there is only one place to go; forward. Make opportunities.


As my sporting career ended in a flash due to a horrific injury, in essence I created new opportunity as I studied its cause, formulated my earliest theories on human movement in sport and quickly became a secret in the coaching world. Challenge comes opportunity and opportunity is never to be squandered.


I have known what is like to drive from dusk to dawn through a blinding snowstorm, take a ‘red-eye’ flight before training a team at 7am and immediately return in the afternoon and put on so many miles that car rental agencies ‘blacklisted’ me. There is nothing 'fancy' to this 'secret' but quite possibly the secret to athletic success.


Opportunity is what you make.


I have accomplished much in my career but as long as there is a gasp of air remaining, I’ll out-work everyone.


That is ‘opportunity’ because not one thing in life worth having is given. You have to work for everything and many things are not fair. I have seen my triumphs and set-backs but as long as I am breathing I will attack, to which I remind all when standing in front of the door of opportunity, don’t tap on it lightly but rather kick it down.


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Prepared by John Davies


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