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Instant training improvement tips: Ready for LIFT off

In-truth, if you are an athlete you are unlikely to ever be satisfied with your preparation and ability. There will always be ‘one more’, one more exercise to perfect your craft, one more sprint when your lungs are heaving and your legs are weary, one more bead of sweat to sting in your eyes.


There will always be ‘one more’.


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As a lifelong athlete who refused to relinquish his dreams over thirty years ago with a ‘career ending’ injury, I can assure you there is always the thirst for ‘one more’ but somewhere along this journey it is time to put ‘everything on the line’.


Every athlete needs firm goals and though you may be dedicated towards these efforts there comes a time to put your efforts to the test. Challenge yourself with a test to suit your interests and before a shred of doubt creeps in, before you think you need more time, put ‘everything on the line’.


Compete, whether in the sporting arena or in the quite solitude of your home gym, compete.


Compete against yourself, compete against the clock, compete against the stack of rusted iron in the corner or compete against anything or anything you chose but compete. Set the bar with your personal best and as you learn of your strengths and weaknesses enter the competition ring on a regular basis as you slowly ascend your highest goals.


Challenge and even the temporary set-backs should be welcomes as they provide opportunity to develop and prosper.


Deep within the human spirit there is a power that is a boundless energy, yearning for challenge and waiting to be called upon. Everything happens for a reason in life and so too is this challenge.


The challenge before you is there to teach you successes do not come without sacrifice. Each life has a purpose, to which living with passion is a defining point of one’s life.


Pursue your goals with passion and make success your habit.

USPlabs Monday Motivation 14 July

Prepared by John Davies


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