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Instant Training Improvement Tips: quick changes to build muscle mass

Though I am a harsh critic on much of the media within the exercise industry, without a doubt many high ranking members recognise the superiority of training systems that stem from the iron-games so-called “golden age”. This is far more than a nostalgic look of the past but firm understanding the simplicity of training and overall lifestyle possessed a “common-sense” approach. Training and dietary questions were arguably simpler because life itself did not have the marketing distractions of today that suggest any number of ridiculous notions but equally not benefit from the stunning advancements within sports supplementation.

By combining the present-day advancements in sports supplementation with an exercise decision tree of the past, individuals can benefit tremendously and see their development accelerate tremendously.  Naturally the first challenge is cutting away the ridiculous notions of the modern era and resurrecting the treasures of the past.

  • Every gymnasium floor is based around lifting platforms (or the like) as opposed to being packed with machines for isolationist exercises. The growth of machinery started innocently and with good intention before exploding in growth roughly forty years ago and completely changing how people consider exercise choices. While some consider machine-based training safer than free-weights it is the direct opposite and leads to a multitude of injuries and muscular imbalances. With very few exceptions eliminate the use of machines and ensure resistance training is based around body-weight work and the use barbells, dumbbells and medicine balls in performing a Squat, Push, Pull or Press.
  • Modern dietary habits are abysmal and said simply, no exercise regime can overcome a poor diet. Even at the highest level of sport, athletes have extremely poor dietary habits and teams now employ quality chefs to help player’s exposure to proper food choices. Quite naturally the public does not have cooks at their service and much make the lifestyle change to quality food choices within a balanced diet. Within the “simplicity” plan, recall the three far-reaching positive habit forming decisions:
    1. Never consume processed foods. Consume nothing that comes from a box or soft drinks.
    2. Drive by the drive-through. No “take-away” or “fast foods”.
    3. Consume ten to fifteen servings of fruits and vegetables each day as a minimum and where possible choose from organic sources! The best snack food comes from Mother Nature, so please doubly sure to avoid processed foods.
  • Work threshold is exceedingly low due to the lowered standards, if not elimination, of physical education in school, childhood play habits and physical labour at home or at work. This has played its role in the paralysis of “overtraining syndrome” where an era, actually two generations, are so pathetically out of shape that if the perform a modest amount of work outside of the gymnasium they are fatigued. Unfortunately there is no “going back” on a wide societal level but for individuals the choice of daily general physical preparation is a must as work threshold is increased (see Modern Monday – Sledgehammer training for Recovery for an example of daily work).

Prepared by John Davies
Top Photo of James Hall
Second from top photo: Marissa Fields

Tammy Bravomalo discusses her supplement stack.

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