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Instant training improvement tips: One Step Closer

One Step Closer


Perfection in the athletic arena is impossible. Yet, despite that dire statement no champion athlete will stop its pursuit. Every athlete desires to improve their ability and whether conscious or not, ‘perfection’ is a long-term goal for those who stand atop the victors podium.


The answer to the question of ‘whether an athlete should assail to perfection’ is an obvious and resounding ‘yes’. However thirty years under the coaching spotlight reveals how one responds to challenge is the mark of a champion.


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Each day of preparation involves not only a defining effort, but internal mechanism of review that challenges the athlete to eliminate their weaknesses and be accountable.


In-fact, the ‘pursuit of perfection’ represents something broader and speaks of the great message of sport and the iron game where dedication is a must and perseverance the foundation of a champion. On the impossible ‘road to perfection’ the athlete encounters endless challenges and distractions and those who push through undaunted will have the opportunity to continue their pursuits the following day but all importantly; one step closer.


‘One step closer’ is the daily proclamation for those pursuing ‘perfection’ where you are not merely ‘doing your best’ but making a statement with action. Each second of training and every consideration with your diet and supplementation propels you ‘one step closer’ and though many will find fault in the dreamer who pursues ‘perfection’; maintain course.


Our world needs driven people and welcome challenge without fear. For those who pursue perfection, cut the path and lead others ‘one step closer’.
Monday Motivation August 8
Prepared by John Davies


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