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Instant training improvement tips: No compromises for the Jack3d

Success is a habit, quality matters but for the majority the ‘culture of mediocrity' is their home.


Unfortunately, many concerns have seen standards lowered in recent years and rather than assail greatness our society is all too often accepting of a lowered bar.


For those who assail to a higher standard the desire to excel must be akin to your last gasp of life and 'no stone is left unturned' in training.


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Four cornerstones of Success[Tweet this NOW!]


• Desire
• Purpose
• Perseverance
• Compliance


These 'four cornerstones of success' will not be a surprise for someone in athletic training circles, where a proper plan and compliance are the foundation of excellence. Success and the 'habit of success' are truly up to the individual but there is one major element that is easily overlooked and a great problem of our era.


Rather that thirst for excellence much of our world has become accepting of ‘average’ and a constant lowering of standards. The ‘just doing enough’ habit is a deadly virus and likely stewed in the ‘fear of failure’ syndrome but must be eliminated if ‘average’ is to be turned aside for ‘excellence’.


You have a great power within that once harnessed will propel you to the excellence but it starts with 'digging the boots into soil' and drawing the line where 'mediocrity' is not acceptable. No more settling for ‘average, no more ‘just doing enough’, no more compromises. Be bold, be audacious and seek out your goals with a relentless intent.


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Monday Motivation 21 April


Prepared by John Davies


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