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Instant training improvement tips: Monday Motivation Dream Bigger

Contrary to the world that has suggested the ‘easy path’, of quick-fix solutions and how you can achieve your dreams with ease, goal achievement is a long uphill battle. This era has been indoctrinated into the fallacy of instant gratification and as many have come to understand nothing could be further than the truth.


Results matter and what matters is the effort you apply to achieve your goals is of the highest quality.


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Allow me to explain and be very honest, possibly to the extent you are not familiar. If I could go back in time I would have noted this in my first articles online but unfortunately such was not the case.


• Quality matters
• Discipline is the hallmark of the victor
• Procrastination is the virus of the weak
• A champion knows they answer each challenge and ‘get off the canvas’
• The path to victory will be more challenging than you conceive
• You must apply yourself with purpose and intent each day


As you may have noticed that list does not include ‘short-cuts’, ‘secret’ approaches or anything else that suggest to stand atop the victory podium, whether in life or sport, is an easy stroll. You will need to be dedicated, embrace challenge and constantly, despite the set-backs, push forward.


Push forward against every challenge and every impossible odd you can imagine and as you do something miraculous will occur.


The great reward is that ‘challenge’ teaches is that ‘adversity is something you overcome’.


Much of the problem in athletic development, fitness and health are relatively simple to solve. A carefully mixed elixir of training, diet and supplementation is the explicit ingredients but requires what only you can provide.




Be ambitious, be bold, daring and dream bigger but in so doing put in the hours of work required to excel.




Be dedicated to your pursuits and apply yourself with all your might. Persevere through the toughest of storms, fear nothing, and simply refuse to be vanquished.


In the darkest hours of my life, and I have faced many where life itself balanced on the razors edge I began to adopt one simple edict:


I can, I will.


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Prepared by John Davies


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