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Instant Training Improvement Tips: Modern Solutions - Legs And Back Devastation


The great test of the ‘Iron Game’ and athletic training is ‘within’ and teaches the lesson that only you can defeat your challenges. Your success is up to you, not me but you. Each day we are tested and each day we need to WELCOME the challenge for when you accept such you develop TRUE STRENGTH.


Examples come in all shapes, sizes and ages and long after my sweat stained training day was over I was reminded there is greatness within the youth. Skating, as I often do during the winter months, I noticed a young boy learning to skate in the middle of the ice rink. Likely no more than six years old, he would push with all his might then fall to the ice but with each time, many dozens I might add, he would get up and return to skating. I circled a few times, watched him rub his now sore knees and then return to his task. His grandmother called to me and noting he does not have a male influence asked if I could help. I skated over to assist and as I was in my youth, was met with a young boy stuttering but eager to learn. I spent some time teaching him the basics and as I skated off the rink I saw him joining his mother, eager to impress his new found ability.




Despite his age and the stammer I remember so well, he provided evidence to the great lesson of the ‘Iron Game’; never underestimate human will. Within that young mans heart there is a making of a champion for each time he fell he responded by getting up and mounting a challenge. That is a champion.


Modern Solution - Legs and Back Devastation


Squat (bodybuilding width) 4 sets x 5
Barbell Hack Squat 4 sets x 12
Bulgarian Squat 3 sets x 6 reps
Good Morning Squat 3 sets x 3 reps


Super-Set, perform 8 reps each, 5 sets
1a) Bent-Over Barbell Row
1b) Pull-Ups


Dumbbell Row, 3 sets x 6 reps


Drag Curl, 4 x 12 reps, slow eccentric with peak contraction
Scott Curl, 4 x 12 reps, slow eccentric with peak contraction


Walking Lunges, 4 x 50 steps


USPlabs Monday Motivation December 29 with Jordan Williams


Prepared by John Davies


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