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Instant training improvement tips: Modern Cardio

One of the greatest fallacies of the health and fitness industry is convincing the public that exercise is complicated. Coupled with said ‘complexities’ the goal of weight loss or strength development requires special equipment which invariably is available, the surprise of not one, for purchase.


Simply, for decades the public has had the proverbial wool pulled over its eyes and spent inordinate amounts of money on training equipment they could have easily avoided if they merely understand a few undeniable facts about exercise.


• No training plan can overcome a poor diet.
• Exercise is simple or at-least requires a well-rounded plan that should be adaptable to suit virtually any setting or medium.


None of this requires expensive training equipment and when considering ‘General Physical Preparation’ (GPP) the most effective approach begins with (relative strength) managing body-weight before proceeding to non-conforming objects.


Victor Egonu


Quite obviously body-weight work requires no equipment and ‘non-conforming objects’ is a nice way of saying performing general work that was once part of daily living before modern conveniences gelded society. Of the latter, whether chopping wood at 5 am, digging a deep trench in the garden, carrying loaded kegs or countless other activities were a bit of old-fashioned got the tough job done.


Within general training this is a crucial understanding as body-weight calisthenics and general physical activities, once common chores, will assist work threshold and strength development, as well as enhance muscular recovery and assist weight reduction.


• Work threshold
• General Strength
• Muscular Recovery
• Weight Reduction


Through the spring and summer to assist each of these concerns, with particular emphasis upon body-fat reduction it is crucial that each training session, if not daily, includes body-weight calisthenics and general physical activities. Following training days where the mountain of hundreds of daily push-ups | press-ups, burpee’s and body-weight squats the dream of a lean, muscular physique will be a reality.


The challenge is great but so it the rewards and your time has arrived.



Prepared by John Davies


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