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Instant training improvement tips: Modern Bodybuilding's Greatest Problem

The greatest problem in modern bodybuilding isn't one particular exercise but how most ‘exercise’.


Allow me for a moment to tell you one little fact that escapes the fitness media and has for at-least twenty-five years. For all the expertise and endless parade of advice in the last quarter-century, none of it compares to the work of luminaries such as Vince Gironda, Reg Park, Jack LaLanne and John Grimek. The ‘Golden Age of Bodybuilding’ was truly magnificent and I was fortunate to experience it to a degree in my youth but let me add, the present is a pale shadow.


The greatest change, strictly from an exercise component, is respecting proper form, maintaining tension to mind-numbing levels and a work ethic that would astonish the majority. Ultimately it comes down to the appreciation of the iron-game, there is no success without sacrifice and there is a vast difference between pain and discomfort.


Of the latter, ‘discomfort’ is embracing ‘the pump’ and there is no better example that making use of peak contraction in training. This quite possibly is the greatest overriding issue within modern bodybuilding as it crosses virtually every exercise choice. Simply put, perform the movement CORRECTLY and FLEX the muscle as hard as possible at the peak of the lift, lowering at a slower tempo, not locking out to maintain tension and REPEAT with every repetition of every set.


• DON’T CHEAT lifts. Perform all movements strictly.
• Consider the ‘v’ shape and ensure the torso stays lean and hip development is within reason. As an example, this may mean a shift more towards Sissy Squats or Front Squats, rather than what is now a more common wide-based stance.
• Peak contraction where applicable with EVERY REP
• Rotate movements regularly to avoid adaptation.
• Stay lean year round and not add unmanageable mass that is problematic with contest preparation.


That’s what is missing and trust me this logic came for legends of the iron-game past of which I am merely one of few ambassadors.


Train hard be committed and yes, ‘feel the burn’ be a ‘health nut’.


The Greatest Problem of Modern Bodybuilding


Prepared by John Davies


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