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Instant training improvement tips: Lost Secrets to Bigger Biceps

Despite the millions of articles written in print and now online, bodybuilding and pursuits within ‘physical culture’ are rarely complicated and in-fact quite a ‘simple’ approach. Through the years, top quality coaches and bodybuilding legends have deployed similar exercise approaches and differences are immaterial. Variations are primarily related to exercise choices, once again immaterial and may simply be the unexplainable personal preference, or equipment availability which equally may be due to commercial business interests.


For all the ‘secret training’ measures that exercise media has presented long before any of us were born is the greatest ‘secret’.


When performed properly we are all doing ‘the same thing’. Every article, every little ‘secret’ is merely to gain attention and part of the commercial growth that took the golden age of the iron-game and turned it into a business sector of untold size.


The same thing, not complicated, not requiring ‘three easy payments but the SAME THING.


The general ‘laws’ of Bicep Training are simple:


Victor Egonu


• Constant tension
• Time under tension
• Peak Contraction


Not remotely complicated and after individual adaptation to suit individual character traits and habits it is merely the ‘second part of the equation’


• Work
• Compliance
• Dedication
• Patience


Each of these are related to crucial elements of diet, supplementation, avoiding adaptation and ensuring proper muscular recovery.


Simple and thus concludes a summary of ‘secrets to bodybuilding’s golden age’ that will be used today as long as the iron-game exists.


• Constant tension
• Time under tension
• Peak Contraction


Prepared by John Davies


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