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Instant training improvement tips: Leg Day Essentials

The foundation of all training begins with the lower body with the ‘king’ of exercises being the Squat. This statement comes with a number of crucial qualifications and ones that many fail to understand per their training.


Essential Leg Tips


• Focus upon ‘movements, not musculature’ and ensure technique is optimal at all times. Perform all variations of Squats correctly and never allow a serious risk of injury. Exercise is an enjoyable and healthy part of your life and should not derail your future.


• The Squat should not be performed as a ‘torso lift’ where the load is taken off the legs with emphasis shifting on the back.


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• Remember when performing Squat’s to ‘drive your heels’ through the floor. This is a peculiar concept that will take time to comprehend but highly effective.


• Balance bilateral and unilateral movements in your training, i.e. Squats and Bulgarian Squats.


• Ensure the hip flexibility is maintained with the most direct route (and quickest to teach in digital format) being the Cossack Squat.



• Maintain firm commitment of developing the core musculature, with great emphasis (given typically neglected in many training environments) upon the rectus abdominis.


• Do not limit the type of Squat to one variation. Shift through different styles to ensure optimal muscular growth and limiting the adaptation curve. A few options to consider; Hack Squats, Sissy Squats, Front Squats.


• Place heavy emphasis upon VMO development, with my personal choices of Hack and Sissy Squats.


• Periodically make use of a slight angle board, i.e. four percent, and perform Squats, Hack Squats and for a unique variation, dumbbell Deadlifts.


• If you’re interested in bodybuilding, incorporate Vince Gironda’s masterful variation of the Sissy Squat. Now ‘enjoy’ the mastery of 8 x 8. Absolute brilliance.


• Walking lunges are performed at the end of each training session. Walk a few hundred steps and for extra ‘fun’ perform a calf raise with each step forward.


• Squat daily.


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Prepared by John Davies



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