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Instant training improvement tips: Leaving your Legacy

Through the many trials and long journey my life has taken it has become abundantly clear how the aspirations of each generation shifts in the wind.


I suspect my father’s generation, agreeably the ‘greatest’, looked at the world in turmoil and on the edge of tyranny and fought for the very life we gleefully enjoy with their ‘wants’ being freedom for their fellow man.


Now, there was a generation.


My generation, pun intended, had ‘no future’ but somehow managed to lift itself from the heavy weight of recession to carve out a place in history and forever changed the world with the digital revolution.


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Within each generation the question of ‘wants and desires’ has been the endless question and whether it is ‘money, power or fame’ that fuels the man forward.


With this there is no definitive answer, no ‘right or wrong’ but certainly speaks volumes of the man.


The man in the mirror is not motivated for ‘money, power or fame’ but driven to fight the most formidable foe when it is to defend what is right and what is good.


Let that be your motivation for when asked if you ‘want what every man wants’, answer with a decided, ‘no’.


You are not ‘every man’ and rather the rarest of breeds; a man who wants to leave his mark, his legacy of being A MAN who betters our world, who possesses Herculean strength with his integrity.


Once you accept this charge, the mantle of leadership will rest firmly on your shoulders and you understood one the most important lessons of ‘strength training’ and be unstoppable.


Search out your ‘goals’, apply a mission statement to the reason of your aspiration and then attack relentlessly.

USPlabs Monday Motivation: July 7


Prepared by John Davies



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