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Instant training improvement tips: Lambs and Lions


With each dawn each of us has a choice. The broadest of majority will rise out of bed, slowly, meekly, and foolishly accept what they have always accepted with the misguided belief their fate is reserved. Whether related to career, academic fortune or levels of health and fitness, nothing is guaranteed and the future is what you make.


You can choose to walk proud as a 'Lion' or suffer meekly as the lamb.



The 'lamb':

  • Accepts their station in life
  • Full of self-doubt and not deserving of great accomplishments.
  • Lambs say 'can't' a great deal. Never say 'average' or 'can't'.


Fear nothing, have no doubt in your ability and embrace greatness.


Become the Lion, the leader who makes a new trail and leads by example and see the following changes in life.


  • 'Dedication' becomes your middle name. You respect accomplishments of today set the framework for great success in the future.
  • No detail is too small and 'little pieces to the puzzle' make a big difference. Managing a healthy diet and supplement plan isn't a random effort but part of the equation of a goal achievement.
  • You possess confidence in tackling new challenges because you understand possessing confidence is a product of working towards your goals. Confidence is earned


The ‘pack you run with’ will prove to be a great determinant of goal achievement as most will follow ‘the company they keep’. Hence, break from herd that is accepting of ‘average’ and be a part of the motivated few who have long since decided the future is what the make.


Move with a pack that is motivated to excel.


USPlabs Motivational Monday September 29


Prepared by John Davies


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