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Instant training improvement tips: I came. I saw. I LIFTed.

‘It’s’ about you. Being successful is determined by what you do, not what you say.


About you screaming into the black of night, you want, you thirst, you crave success.


It isn’t about money and let me tell you as an older man who has been successful in his business life; the riches mean little when its time ‘to play’ and this bull is always willing to make it ‘interesting’.


A raging bull of man when surrounded and out numbered, digs in and no-one escapes his wrath.


Be the raging bull of a man. Never give in, not once and when they are ready to call you ‘out’, including the biggest game called life, is in for the battle.


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I wasn’t going to let disadvantage limit me and instead, I dug in, sweated for every advance, clawed a bloody trail out of turmoil to triumph with the one ‘trick’ that is rarely mentioned: I wanted and refused to give ground.


To dream is a ‘dream’ but it is the victor who tastes the razors edge journey of destruction to climb to the top of the podium.


I know that journey and have climbed it in every sport I ever coached and still today as a player, in the black of night, I want, I thirst and crave success.


Money means NOTHING. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise because in the end, the man in the mirror will speak to you; were you a MAN, did you ATTACK life with a RELENTLESS PASSION.


Lock down your dreams; load up hard and heavy and NEVER give one shred of your goals without a RELENTLESS fight to your last gasp.


I can’t convince you to want, only you can and if you want, truly WANT, YOU CAN, YOU WILL.

Today is your day, your time.


USPlabs Motivation Monday 30 June


Prepared by John Davies



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