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Instant training improvement tips: Hungry like a Wolf


The responsibility of every aspiring bodybuilder and athlete is managing a healthy diet. Failure to do so will only amount to the inability to reach your goals as diet is no less than half of the broad ‘development package’. Simply, the need to manage a healthy diet that fuels development is inescapable and it is best to learn that fact sooner rather than later. Failure to manage a healthy diet only amounts to failure.



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The first qualification of understand diet and concern of ‘hunger’ is respecting the food is one of, if not the most, powerful element of our lives. Diet will either set the stage for excellence or condemn your efforts.


Managing ‘hunger’ revolves around the following five errors or omissions:


  • Insufficient hydration; the broad majority simply do not consume sufficient amount of water and in-fact make use of very low grade sugar (or sugar substitute) laced energy drinks. Save your health, money and drink (filtered tap) water.
  • Processed foods create the desire for greater amounts of processed foods; this is merely a cycle of creating food addiction via subversive ingredients or more straight forward the public chooses ‘bigger sizes’ of ‘fast foods’ because they have chosen ‘bigger sizes’ previously. Repeat endlessly and in essence there is a constant ‘hunger’ that is addressed with more (and more) food.
  • Breakfast choices; the first meal of the table ‘sets the table’ for success and must provide the nourishment required the day after a nights sleep. Ignoring nutrition at breakfast creates a deficit nutrient position that will see the individual very hungry mid morning and likely fall victim to unhealthy processed food snack.
  • Nutritional balance: excluding extreme situations where an individual is ‘stripping weight’ (i.e. ‘cutting phase’ of pre competition or water reduction) all meals should be balanced with protein, fats and carbohydrates. Balance your diet and evolve.
  • Infuse your diet with protein and fat based snacks. Likely the simplest solution with endless options of choices of protein shakes, nuts and the like.
  • Sit down to eat and do not ‘race’ through your meal. The process of digestion is crucial and by eating at a normal pace, as opposed to the ‘turnover rate’ of ‘fast food’, will lower ‘hunger’.


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Complete your favorite meal with this easy recipe provided by USPlabs Nutrition




  • 1 Cup of Brewed, Hot Coffee of Your Choice
  • 1 Tablespoon of Pumpkin Puree
  • 1/4 Tablespoon of Pumpkin Spice Powder
  • 1 Scoop of ModernPROTEIN™




Mix all ingredients in blender. Enjoy the changing of the seasons!Mix all ingredients in blender. Enjoy the changing of the seasons!


pumpkin spiced latte
Prepared by John Davies
Recipe provided by USPlabs Nutrition



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