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Instant training improvement tips: Home Fitness Workout Challenge


The turn of the calendar page trumpeted the charge of yearly ‘resolutions’ and from the first onset looked promising. From my observations it appeared the much of the public was ready to embrace a ‘fresh start’ until something went very quickly went wrong.


It wasn’t the understanding that the work would be challenging.


It wasn’t the understanding that not everything is chocolate coated with icing sugar.


Rather it was stunning drop in the mercury that has left much of North America in the deepest of deep freezes unlike any through our lifetimes.


Quite naturally this has shifted ‘working out’ to surviving the cold and with good reason. This is well beyond the point of managing difficult weather but rather avoiding potentially life threatening conditions. However there is no reason to completely ‘dig yourself’ back into the couch with fresh baked tray of oatmeal chocolate chip cookies and instead ‘beat’ the Polar Vortex as home with your own fitness challenge.


First off, do not try to brave the cold conditions if your local authorities have advised otherwise.


Secondly, resist the endless bout of ‘comfort food’ or yet another movie. Stay active in your home.


Thirdly, maintain proper hydration with plenty of water and a balanced diet.


modern protein


Maintain your training on a regular hourly (or so) basis and spike your metabolism. A simple circuit of callisthenics with compound movements can be tremendous, as with the following:


• Jumping Jacks – 30 seconds
• Burpee’s x 15
• Push-Ups | Press-Ups (fisted preferably) – 30 seconds (no less than 30)
• Burpee’s x 15
• Cossack Squats – 30 seconds
• Bulgarian Squats (bodyweight, each leg) – 30 seconds
• Burpee’s x 15
• Push-Ups | Press-Ups (fisted preferably) – 30 seconds (no less than 30)
• Burpee’s x 15
• Cossack Squats – 30 seconds
• Bulgarian Squats (bodyweight, each leg) – 30 seconds


That will take you approximately six minutes to accomplish and rest assured if you perform ten sets, which includes 600 burpee’s and push-ups | press-ups each, you will not have to fret over ‘Polar Vortex’ weight gain.


You may even want to reward yourself with some of these after-all.






Prepared by John Davies


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