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Instant training improvement tips: Home Fitness Workout Challenge #8

Results matter.


For all the ‘doing my best’, in sport there is no latitude for those who wish to climb to the top of the victors podium. It is not simply sufficient to ‘do your best’ but you must perform at optimal level when the pressure is at its peak.


This plays a unique role in sport as many athletes simply do not possess significant strength and work-rate to manage their function in the field of competition. This is shown in many manners, with the most common being lowered performance in the latter part of competition, i.e. late in the game.


This has a unique ‘crossover’ to the ‘iron game’ as those without sufficient work threshold will see their effort wane in exhausting workouts and recovery from strenuous exercise is generally slower. Simply, to be your best in the iron-game you must reach back in its history and embrace the notion of ‘being fit’ and the epitome of ‘health’.


Strength and health remain in the iron-game.


Victor Egonu Modern Athlete


Home Fitness Workout Challenge #8
USPlabs Home Fitness Workout Challenge #8 [Tweet this NOW!]
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• Jumping Jacks – 30 seconds
• Shuffle Split – 30 seconds
• Burpee’s – 30 seconds, continue until minimal 15
• Mountain Climbers – 30 seconds
Push-Ups | Press-Up (fisted) – 30 (minimal) in 30 seconds
Russian Split Jumps – 30 seconds
Pull-Ups – 30 seconds (or 15 reps optimally with slow eccentric)
Abdominal Circuit
• Cossack Squats – 60 seconds FAST TEMPO, i.e. minimal 30


Each set will take slightly more than seven minutes. Rest to eight minute mark and repeat for a total of seven sets.


After completing the routine, perform three sets of STS™


How to perform Cossack Squats


Given you are training at home, please consider the following important diet 'tips':


  • Perform the first set (or more) of this routine before breakfast but ensure you ingest the appropriate amount of Modern BCAA+™ in water, as well as Jack3d®.
  • After finishing your exercise routine, have a bracing cold shower to further invigorate your body and improve muscular recovery.
  • Enjoy a breakfast that is based upon porridge, oatmeal or millet (this will vary from region to region and different cultural backgrounds. Add a simple protein source, such as dollop of natural peanut butter and possibly, my preference, a generous sprinkling of cinnamon. Each breakfast should include a healthy protein source, such as eggs or for both quality of ingredients, absorption and reliability, OxyELITE Protein™ is a perfect selection.



Prepared by John Davies


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