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Instant training improvement tips: Formula to getting Jack3d this Summer

Within a moments notice it is quite easy to find a ‘motivational quote’ to satisfy a brief pang of self-doubt but to be truly motivated you possess a ‘mission’. This is the unique, somewhat confusing, element of ‘motivation’, for the ‘motivated’ no quote is required to inspire as they already have embarked upon their ‘mission’. It is in-fact the ‘unmotivated’ that possess a habitual need of spurring but once they capture ‘that mission’ they chart a new course as those driven to success.

Being ‘driven to success’ is equally a unique measure because this simple three word phrases gets bantered around so often many forget that ‘quality matters’ and ‘preparation is the road to victory’.




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Simply, a person can suggest they are ‘driven’ but failing a commitment to quality and a proper ‘plan of attack’ that will remain as a phrase as they look up to the victors podium.


The formula to success is mix of proper planning and application with each element contingent upon absolute dedication. Said dedication isn’t a ‘meme’, a well crafted script to be read by an actor portraying a coach in a movie or phrase from a Twitter ‘bot’ with a image of an attractive girl to serve as ‘bait’, it’s up to you. No-one can provide you ‘dedication’ and that comes down simply to you finding ‘your mission’. Focus upon your motivation


A mission can be large or small and typically best managed when it contains small parcels to accomplish daily. These ‘small steps’ might seem trivial from a distance but when summed amount to a mountain of accomplishment.


Application is however the concern that hinders most as for every rousing commentary, ‘action speaks louder than words’. To accomplish your mission you must adhere to every line of your ‘plan of attack’, which includes not only your training regime and recovery tactics but a diet and supplement effort to fuel muscular development and provide sufficient energy.


USPlabs Motivational Monday 2 June


Prepared by John Davies


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