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Instant training improvement tips: Forging Monster Forearms

When it was first suggested that I was the ‘father of functional fitness’ I considered it a compliment. However upon reviewing the market interpretation of said ‘function’ I have to say the overwhelming majority of ‘functional fitness’ approaches are far from ‘purposeful’.

This sits at the root of many of problems in today’s exercise climate where a cornucopia of exercises are thrust together without concern or knowledge and referred to as a ‘workout’. They are not and merely promotional tool in a content driven marketplace.


All resistance training should be purposeful, not only to manage various physical concerns (i.e. sport or general health), which naturally will includes aesthetic balance. This approach is typically straight forward and simply requires a balanced training regime where ‘form and function’ rule supreme.


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This is easily seen in the development of the forearm region where balance of the upper and lower arm is crucial, for both ‘purpose’ and aesthetic concern. This is easily managed in a training plan that is based upon compound movements and varying implements.


Straight forward choices beyond standard compounds lifts and isolated movements (i.e. zottman curls, forearm roll-ups, wrist curls, weighted pull-ups) such as thick-bars, kettlebells and sledgehammer training go a long way to developing thick muscular forearms. Particular care should be given that resistance training is based upon these movements thus ensuring grip and forearm strength develops synergistically.


Mike Rea forging massive forearms


On a final noted, any discussion of bodybuilding would be incomplete with the mentioning of Mr. Larry Scott who passed away this past week at the age of seventy-five. Mr. Scott is a true legend of the ‘iron-game’ and not only helped shaped training approaches but brought exercise and healthy living to the mainstream. Mr. Scott will be sorely missed but never forgotten.



Prepared by John Davies


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