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Instant Training Improvement Tips: Foolproof Flexible Dieting

Of the many steps of managing a proper diet the first is to abandon the ‘culture of convenience’ that in the marketing of ‘convenient foods’ we have seen our way of life radically changed with weight concerns one of the ill effects. By eliminating the ‘convenience factor’ this immediately creates a dietary approach that is highly flexible, does not restrict the dedicated exercise enthusiast to an obsessive meal plan of endless six egg-white omelettes and naturally sequestered from the packaged foods.


Enjoy health, 'real food' but do not obsess.


To live healthier you do not need to restrict food intake of healthy choices but rather eliminate poor decisions.


Ignore dietary expertise that is obsessive or highly restrictive.


Ensure your dietary choices are a diverse mix, exclusively made of healthy ingredients.


Ensure meal choices are not restrictive and vary recipe selection but ALWAYS within healthy option of 'real food'.


When your diet is ‘real food’, options are plentiful and up to your personal interest and tastes.


The first step is eliminating pre-packaged foods along with the microwave. Your kitchen is immediately transformed into a cornucopia of fresh produce and meat and the recipe selection is up to you. Sample different recipes, take the time to prepare and not only will enjoy a nutritious meal but the pace of preparation is actually healthy.


The second step in the process for many is preparing your food in advance, as in the case of meals for school or work. By doing such we can ensure we are not consuming poor ‘fad’, the grab at the counter snacks that profess to be 'healthy' This is a great deal simpler than it sounds and merely the night before or early morning setting aside time to cook your meal and store in (glass, not plastic) container for work. You have the option of choosing what you personally enjoy and give it from the basket of ‘real food’ it is naturally healthy.


Choosing ‘real food’ provides countless options and avoids the inevitable slow derailment of health that processed food ensures.



Prepared by John Davies


John Davies is available on his personal page on Facebook , Renegade Training™’s, Google+, Renegade Training™ on Google+ as well as or Twitter.


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