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Instant Training Improvement Tips: Finding Freedom


Within sport and the iron game, there is a sense of ‘freedom’ for those who pursue their goals. Part of the process of targeting goals is unshackling you from the chains of existing notions of your ability and effectively ‘freeing’ yourself from accepting ‘mediocrity’.


You have the freedom to eliminate junk food from your diet


This is one of the great lessons of exercise as with each day performance will improve slightly and in turn, the confidence will grow. Changes will come slowly and mere fractions at a time but simply ‘what you do today will be a little easier tomorrow’ and for that matter self-belief in the ability to overcome adversity will improve. Though only in the earliest stages, this is the mark of a champion.


This unique ‘freedom’ is expressed how you dedicate your training efforts, maintain a healthy diet and look at countless considerations in life. You have goals, pursue them relentlessly and take charge of your fate.


You have the freedom to give up an hour of television a day and instead improve your health with exercise.


You have the freedom to decide to pursue excellence, to walk away from ‘mediocrity’ and carve your name on the top of the podium.


You have the freedom to eat healthy food and control your life not let poor nutrition control you.


The journey to the podium is long and challenging but within each of us, there is greatness ready to be unleashed.


USPlabs Motivation Monday August 8

Prepared by John Davies


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