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Instant training improvement tips: Embrace The Challenge

Embrace The Challenge


If there is a unique aspect in the training of a lifelong athlete it is that training must vary to ensure the dreaded adaptation does not occur but equally allow the individual to adapt to various competitive situations, including the toughest competitor; ‘the man in the mirror’.


Within the iron game, there is a need for a general base of strength and fitness that ensures optimal movement patterning and the ability to maintain posture under duress. Whether said ‘maintain pattern under duress’ is heavy weighted walks on nature trails, executing that last rep with a focus upon peak contraction or in the sport of your choice the decision is yours but ultimately is the same ‘beast’; focus and ensure perfection within the chaos of challenge.


Each of these sets the table on the importance of one major matter and well beyond the technical concerns tactile response, a dynamic range of motion, the oft-overlooked concern of foot and ankle strength and many other complex matters, to be successful you must leave your ‘comfort zone’.


The road to success is not lined with a velvet rope and is a consistently uphill journey where sweat stinging in your eyes is the daily reward of a job well done. Leave the comfort zone, embrace challenge and tomorrow you will be ‘one step closer’.


Within the ‘iron gam,e’ there are likely no better routes to advanced muscular development, assuming technical form is optimal than peak contraction and eccentric loading. This vicious duo creates a long set, hence ‘time under tension’, that propels growth as well as ruining your medium sized t-shirt collection.


Prepared by John Davies


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