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Instant training improvement tips: Easy Jack3d training plan

I will keep this simple.


Success in bodybuilding, at least the non-competitive side, is ‘straight-forward’ and merely the process of compliance to a well-designed exercise, diet and supplement plan over many years. This ‘straight-forward’ plan should not be confused with ‘easy’ as strict compliance is always a challenge but if you truly wish to be successful there is a very distinct path to follow.


However the exercise aspect of bodybuilding is even more ‘straight-forward’ as it comes down to a few basic rules that were developed long before anyone reading was alive.


1. Maintain tension.
2. Maintain perfect technical form.
3. Focus upon tempo of movement, with variation due to muscle grouping and exercise.
4. Avoid adaptation to exercise by varying movements.


These four concerns were the cornerstone of bodybuilding legends and although exercise choices varied the general theory was the same during the great ‘physical culture’ era.


That all changed with the ‘fitness evolution’ and the sensibilities of the sector have vanished in place of ‘secret training approaches’ and gym ‘selfie’. What remains in its place is mixture of fine approaches based on these theories, naturally concealing that the development of said approach was many decades past and outright drivel. Effectively, some of the information is ‘good’ but it is mostly complete nonsense that would never be published if fact checkers were still employed and ‘quality control’ was a concern.


Simply, the great lessons of bodybuilding come from the past. Not from self-proclaimed experts with splash pages and modelling photos but the past.


Each of these approaches can be connected with the idea of allowing VERY little rest in your workout routine to the point where more time is spent lifting a weight rather waiting between sets. This relates to the entire notion of ‘time under tension’ and accentuating ‘muscular pump’, which further gave way to two great approaches that can never be improved upon, the ‘drop-down’ and ‘super-sets’. Each is founded in the approach of long time under tension sets and when applied with PROPER technique and PEAK CONTRACTION will radically enhance muscular development.


With that said, consider the genius of bodybuilding legend Mr. Vince Gironda and the dumbbell ‘rack curl’ routine. Starting at the lightest section of a rack, grasp a dumbbell with the forefinger on the handle and the small finger off the bar. With palms facing thighs, curl right dumbbell up while slowly turning palm up and bending the pinkie finger to the outside of the deltoids at peak position. Squeeze bicep for a two to three count, turn head to opposite (left) side and start curling action with other arm while simultaneously lowering dumbbell. Repeat four repetitions and go to next higher weight, repeating four repetitions up rack until you hit the heaviest weight you can handle and then reverse back down to starting position.


A training classic that cannot be improved upon. Quality matters.


Mike Rea


Prepared by John Davies


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