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Instant training improvement tips: Do you Even Lift?

It is a simple fact, undeniably, unquestionably comfortable but that absolute truth; the majority are accepting of ‘average’.


‘Average’ is not a disease nor an insult but merely where the scales rest and where the majority are comfortable. From phrases that make use of ‘average’ as a welcoming offer or accepting of common results, the broad majority are comfortable nestled under the warm blanket of ‘average’ and the ‘culture of mediocrity’.


Far away from the average is another breed, a breed that demands excellence and continue to work towards their goal long after the average parade common traits.


This Summer get AminoLIFT™ the Ultimate Beach Season "Lift-Me-UP" for clean energy and focus.


Those who pursue excellence have little daily need for grandstand praise daily and understand it is one step, a stone, in the long journey to the top of the podium.


Success is a habit but does not come without sacrifice and if you are to stand atop the victor’s podium you must distance yourself from the ‘culture of mediocrity’.


Those who pursue excellence embrace order, structure and discipline and reside in a world where ‘quality matters’. This world is not accepting of ‘average’ or ‘good enough’ but demanding, perfectionists and willing to perform the required work to excel.


This summer as the mercury jettisons to scorching temperatures, focus your attention of the major task at hand; shedding excess body-weight. With this focus, do not accept ‘average’ results or approaches and rather ATTACK YOUR GOALS. Maintain course on a letter perfect diet, supplement and exercise regime and give no ground to the ‘average’.


Make success a habit in the summer of 2014.


USPlabs Motivation Monday June 9


Prepared by John Davies


John Davies is available on his personal page on Facebook , Renegade Training™’s as well as or Twitter.


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