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Instant training improvement tips: Do you even LIFT legs?

One glance of the modern exercise facility reveals the obvious; few respect the importance of developing their lower body. This is quickly demonstrated by the sheer proportion of space dedicated to training to upper and lower body work and of-course equipment choices. Said more simply, few train legs sufficient and the majority of males approach physique development is an inverted pyramid.


Moving past that Squat racks are not curling stations, leg press machines are not for reclining and time to post an oh so urgent ‘status update’, leg development is the root of athletic and iron-game success.


A properly trained athlete starts with foundation of strong legs with flexible hips.


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Leg training, beyond the proper choices of exercises, sets, reps and tempo, is attitude. Each leg session has ‘attitude’, a Ennio Morricone soundtrack where you know something ‘heavy’ is about to happen but you go straight into the heat of competition.


Leg training is about challenge and rather than ‘go through the motions’ you find new ways to test yourself and when muscles sear from work you find one more rep, one more lunge. One more, you always have ‘one more’ in you.


Leg training is never ‘easy’, unless of-course you’re a lil darling sitting on the leg press posting that oh-so urgent ‘status update’.


Leg training can involve many sets and rep schemes choices but is typically is remembered for high volume work. Power work, low set and reps can be ‘fun’ but the high volume as in ‘8 by 8’ with a few hundred walking lunges are ‘difference makers’ in an athletes development.


Leg training requires planning for not only the regime but tactical considerations with diet and supplementation. Whether you are digging into the Squat racks or attacking a fast paced ‘century mark’ cycling, goal achievement will only come with a proper diet and supplement regime.


Leg training requires proper movement preparation to ensure the core and hips are ‘activated’. This will assist in optimal movement patterns and thus help force production and potentially reduce the risk of injury.


Leg training requires tactics to improve muscular recovery as with ice baths, contrast showers, sports massage therapy, static range of motion and BCAA’s in the form of Modern BCAA+™.


Yet despite all the physical ‘requirements’ of leg training, you need to bring a winning ‘attitude’ if you wish to climb this podium and ultimately demonstrates, ‘how bad do you want it?’


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Prepared by John Davies


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