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Instant training improvement tips: DIETbolical Disasters

Diet, is the not-to-hidden secret to athletic success. Whether your goals relate the iron-game, sport or simply general health, diet plays an enormous role. It is impossible to provide a precise percentage, i.e. 50 percent, but without a proper diet you simply will not reach your potential.


It isn’t a matter of debate but a fact.


complete workout stack


Within sport evaluation one of the best interviewing process involve a meal with a young athlete, which invariable will provide clues to potential problems and needs. The failure to enjoy a healthy diet equates to one likely outcome for an athlete: failure.


No training plan can overcome a poor diet.[Tweet this NOW!]


Of-course one element of the ‘diet’ sector that needs to be addressed is a ‘reality check’. For all the talk of the ‘perfect diet’ quite naturally there are many common errors that need to be addressed first.


Rather than strive for ‘perfection’ on day one, try making the following changes:


Eight foods to eliminate from your diet.[Tweet this NOW!]


• Eliminate processed meats
• Eliminate Vegetable Oil and substitute with Peanut, Coconut or Olive Oil (careful with cooking temperature of the later)
• Eliminate ‘Soft Drinks’
• Eliminate White Bread (add frozen pizza to the list)
• Eliminate (Breakfast) Cereal, as well as ‘instant oatmeal’
• Eliminate Bottled sauces with high sodium content
• Eliminate Margarine, choose butter
• Eliminate processed foods and the classic ‘waist-line killers’ such as macaroni and cheese / noddles and the like




• Choose ‘natural’ Peanut or Almond Butter rather than processed variation







Prepared by John Davies


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