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Instant training improvement tips: Building a Better Back

Just as an athlete’s success likely rests upon overall leg development no training plan is complete with strong, powerful back. In-fact general back strength is critical for all aspects of upper body (if not ‘total’) development but most typically err with basic misunderstandings are poorly directed plans.


The focus of developing a strong and aesthetically pleasing back is considerably simpler than say the lower body and solved with a few general approaches.


• Pull a weight from the floor to your waist, sternum, shoulder and over-head
• Pull your bodyweight up from a hanging position
• Hold a weight over your head with your arms extended


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This highly simplified approach reveals basic training movements that every level of iron-game enthusiast should make use of:


• Deadlifts (all variations with particular emphasis upon ‘snatch-grip’)
• Clean | Snatch-Pull
• High Pull (clean or snatch grip)
• Hang Pull (clean or snatch grip)
• Bent-Over Rows (barbell or dumbbell)
• Bent-Over Side Laterals
• Pull-Ups | Chin-Ups (naturally progressing to Muscle-Ups with further variation with leg position and grip style)
• Push-Ups | Press-Ups
• Side Press | Bent Press | ‘Windmill’
• Military Press, Shoulder Press, Push Press, Push Jerk (the latter two with ‘split’ variations)


For those concerned with aesthetics, careful heed should be placed on ensuring the ‘v-taper’ is maintained with a lean torso hence over-head work should be more isolationist, i.e. (seated) military press.


Furthermore no back training is complete without ensuring general flexibility and core strength maintained, hence the use of RED2, hurdles and tumbling with all training.


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Prepared by John Davies


John Davies is available on his personal page on Facebook , Renegade Training™’s as well as or Twitter.


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