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Instant training improvement tips: All Glory Never Surrender

When asked to write of the ‘greatest weakness’ it is unquestionably and without the slightest tinge of doubt, it is ‘to surrender’.


To this, I know absolutely nothing and with pride this blood does not know ‘surrender’.


This blood does know that impossible fight that you fight on, it does know facing a hospital bed you were never supposed to get out of and it knows when cornered, bloody, battered and cornered to come out swinging and ready.


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Ready to find the gleam of hope amongst the dirty destitute streets where no-one escaped, I’m ready. I’m so damn ready my blood boils hot like an old V-8 asked one more time to deliver and welcomes being punched through the red-line from midnight until dawn. I’m ready. Always.


So here it is, I can tell you the greatest weakness lay in surrender, ‘giving up’, but I’m not going to tell you I know one damn moment of my life in giving up. Not-one.


What I can tell you, when your back is against the wall and no-one gives you a chance you have only one place to go.

Forward and trust me when you have nothing to lose you are sheer danger to your foe. So simply, when the deck is stacked high against you and chances seem bleak: press forward.


Pour another cup of the black merchant of hard edges and keep it black and biting. Roll the sleeves up, adjust, find a way and don’t stop until that way is paved.


Ultimately this comes down to one damn thing and that one thing that defies logic and impossible to defend.


This matters, all of ‘this’ maters to me and given such, I’m going to fight to my last breath. Out-number, surround me and respect there is no escaping. I’m going forward.


So let’s just put this a little more straight-forward; you’re not giving up.


No-one reading this is giving up now or at any time in their lives. From here forward, the line is drawn in the sand and not one blade of grass is given without fight. Whether exercise, sport, business related goals or the trials of life; never surrender.


Never surrender.

USPlabs Monday Motivation with Anthony Thomas

Prepared by John Davies


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