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Instant Training Improvement Tips: Activate the Alpha Factor

For the majority of readers this time year, the hazy days of summer, is a time to relax. Sticky hot weather, blended with vacations and cool breeze provides an easier pace for most but for many athletes the mood is the direct opposite. This is July and soon “the hunt” of competition will begin and like any opportunity, athletes are ready to rip the door off the hinges.



The wintry months of January and February, full of frost strewn windows, are the breeding grounds of athleticism but when the bells of July toll we athletes all know “the hunt” is about to begin. July is the opening act of August when all the hard months of training are put to the test. Locked, loaded and coming at you low and hard with a dirty base beat, for athletes the summer months are the fine tuning before the attack.


This is a peculiar aspect within the exercise media as for all the talk of theory and practice, a true athlete lives by the creed “I can, I will and to hell within anyone who thinks they can be stopped”. That intensity, whether ‘ballers who no one gave a chance earn their stripes by outworking and outperforming high-priced talent or the kid, broken down with injuries and jig-saw puzzle of scars as a lifetime reminder, finding a way to get back into the game. Athletes, from across the world or background may play different sports but all speak a common language of the Alpha beast of purpose, intent and living without fear.


That beast, Alpha, contrary to some notions, is not innate but cultivated with the very distinct pattern of learned traits that revolve around that belief that “nothing can stop me” and ripping fear out of your heart. Fear, that deadly beast, may ravage many but not within a true athlete who thirsts for the hunt. A true athlete viscously rips fear from their heart and beyond all other concerns knows they are going forward and you either move or get steamrollered.


This July as we sit at the doorstep of August, it is time for athletes and coaches to begin to activate that Alpha beast. Coaching tactics shift decidedly to SPP (specialised physical preparation) as well psychologically shifting the mood of training to a much greater intensity level that emulates the hierarchy of competition. This shift, in both visually adjusting practice plans as well as auditory commands plays an enormous role in preparing athletes for the hunt and activating the alpha beast. Turn the “heat up” in training, push harder and get ready, “it” is coming.


August nears, get ready for the hunt.


Prepared by John Davies
Top photo of Matt Vincent


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