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Instant training improvement tips: A Day without Squats

It is quite possible to develop powerful legs without traditional Squats and often advantageous to make use of techniques that eliminate the ‘bar on your back’. This is not to say back Squats are not important but in many cases technical form has been shifted to ‘lift a heavier’ weight without any concern of movement and the true ‘training effect’.


The greatest flaws, though certainly not all the problems within the current ‘iron game’ community as it relates to Squats and Leg Development are:


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• Reliance upon one type of Squat style.
• Failure to ‘drive feet through the floor’
• Intentional torso lean forward that turns the Squat into a type of ‘Back’ (lever) lifts
• Reliance upon weightlifting suits, belts and wraps to enhance training load that is not applicable to non competitive Powerlifter or Olympic Weightlifter
• Complex training approaches that require expensive machinery or equipment.
• Failure to balance bi-lateral and unilateral lower body work
• Failure to perform Squats with sufficient depth (unless excluded due to pre-existing injury or particular limb length)
• Poor ankle or hip flexibility that infers technical problems related the above concerns
• Poor strength of the rectus abdominis and vastus medialis which lends to a multitude of technical flaws and training deficiencies that equally may increase the rate of injury
• Attitude. Venom; find it, control it and then unleash it when required.


Each of these concerns can uniquely be solved once an athlete focuses upon proper technical form, i.e. don’t be in a race to increase the weight, varies the type of Squat (Pull or Lunge) used in training, places emphasis upon muscular recovery and makes relative strength a priority.


Hence our day is saved without the humiliation and embarrassment of being ‘without Squats’ and we’ll find yet another route to the top of the podium.


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Prepared by John Davies


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