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Instant training improvement tips: 8 steps to a flawless back

Look before the fitness and exercise business became an avenue to shill equipment of little value, our sector was lead by those who respected ‘physical culture’ and provided insight that would not only assist the immediate goals of their clientele but provide a path to a better quality of life.


Those days are long gone.


Though it started when corporations began to absorb the independent gyms, the internet sped up this problem and from every corner ridiculous ‘scientific’ information suggests the need of certain products, available ‘remarkably’ for three easy payments, that as you may have guessed are easily replaceable.


Within bodybuilding and general athletic training, one perfect example is development of the back and for that matter ensure the region is ‘healthy’. This does not require an expensive piece of apparatus or an ultra secret training approach that is contained in a book and DVD series (insert splash page, perceived value, free gift offer if you act now and remarkable savings that of-course is written in red with a yellow highlight) but sensibility of the past.


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Step 1
‘Ego’s’ are to remain at the door, hence use a weight that you can manage. No-one is impressed with a ‘knee tremor’ Squat or the ‘reverse curl’ Clean. Lift with proper technique and lower the risk of exercise induced injury.


Step 2
Make use of a properly designed training program that ‘yes’ was created by a professional coach and not someone who received their certificate on the weekend and thrust a bunch of exercises together. Subtle hint, Over-head Squats are not a ‘finisher’. It’s a ‘weight’ over your head and when you fail to execute properly results can be dire.


Step 3
Perform Pull-Ups | Chin-Ups properly with full range of motion and without excessive swaying.


Step 4
Develop a strong and sturdy core musculature. Perform Planks, Side Planks, Horse pose and Superman’s daily. No equipment is required, nor needed and ‘simply’ intelligent training.


Step 5
Stretch: perform static stretching on a daily basis


Step 6
Develop hip flexibility. Perform RED2 and Cossack Squats daily.


Step 7
Listen to your body and ensure optimal recovery. If your back is fatigued from work or training, respect this is not the time to target your maximal effort Deadlift. Think.


Step 8
Hang from a bar at the end of each workout. ‘Decompression’ (of the spine) is extremely helpful and an element of EVERY workout long before the internet. Why that changed is madness but needs to be reinstituted.


8 steps to a flawless back


Prepared by John Davies


John Davies is available on his personal page on Facebook , Renegade Training™’s as well as or Twitter.


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