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Instant training improvement tips: 6 fails that are getting you bloated

As the winter season continues, with many communities ravaged by what appears to be a never ending snow storm the last thing most will consider is ‘beach season’. However in a flash the first signs of spring will appear and trips to the pristine beaches.


For many this will usher the first bout of ‘fat loss’ plans as a ‘simple’ and though that equation is a simple balance of exercise, diet and supplementation the final stages of handling water retention can be challenging.


modern beach


With that said, the following six step plan will foster will go a long way to managing your goals.


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• Consume more water to assist the issue of water retention
• Consume more protein. Consider a general rule of gram of protein per pound of body weight of high-grade protein as in the case of OxyELITE Protein™
• Reduce excess sodium from your diet which quite naturally should be straight-forward with the prior elimination of processed foods
• Ensure you consume water throughout the day as opposed to your training session
• Ensure electrolytes are balanced, managed perfectly with the use of Modern BCAA+™


These five measures can be implemented immediately and will go a long way to attaining your ‘beach season’ goals.


Prepared by John Davies


John Davies is available on his personal page on Facebook , Renegade Training™’s, Google+, Renegade Training™ on Google+ as well as or Twitter.


John’s present supplement stack starts daily with the “athlete’s advantage”, Modern BCAA+™, SuperCissus®, USPlabs PowerFULL® and USPlabs PRIME®, along with additional use of Yok3d®, USPlabs AP™ depending upon his training cycle.


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