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Instant training improvement tips: 5 Most Overrated Bodybuilding Foods


Adding muscle mass is a product of intense training and making use of the correct exercises in the manner they were designed to be performed, in combination with a diet and nutrition plan that provides the body required nutrients.


In the course of ‘adding mass’, many will err with food choices that are suggested to assist their goals but in truth are lacking in nutrient quality. In no particular order the following foods market heavily towards the ‘health and iron game’ community but there are much better options available. Quite naturally this does not include 'all you can (sloth) eat' pizza or (low quality) pasta dishes.


Top 6 Overrated foods for 'bulking'


  • Instant Oatmeal: the natural ‘goodness’ of oats, processed and with added sugar to ensure a life long client in need of weight loss.

o Solution, real oatmeal cooked on your stove. Add a dollop of natural peanut (or other nut) butter, i.e. ‘fat to burn fat’.


  • Protein bars: if you wish to include bars in your diet due to the ‘convenience factor’, make it at home but otherwise dispense with the commercial variation. They are dreadfully over priced, lack sufficient nutrients and protein absorption and quality is HIGHLY SUSPECT. Trust me, I’ve worked in this business before it was much of a ‘business’ and rarely do you find a protein bar worthy of mention.


  • Egg Whites. Consume the entire egg and never be concerned of eating too many high quality, range free, eggs. Certainly there is nothing 'wrong' with egg whites but yolks, in addition to being a high protein source are nutrient dense.

o Solution, consume whole eggs and for the record, purchase by MULTIPLE DOZENS.


  • Low fat dairy products, particularly with yogurt where fats are stripped out but with ‘ample’ sugar (or chemical sugar substitute) with the hint of vanilla (yet more chemical additives). If you like yoghurt, make at home. In addition to addition to dairy products, do not consider ‘low fat’ salad dressings and rather choose olive oil.


  • Packaged cereal, particularly those with ‘healthy’ or ‘protein’ in bold letters on said packaging. With the rarest exceptions, packaged cereal is neither healthy or supplies sufficient protein and pale compared.

o Solution; a bowl of oatmeal and half a dozen poached eggs.


Added bonus:

  • Fruit Juice and ‘protein’ enriched bottled ‘smoothie’ drinks. Despite having a moss green label and the word 'healthy' on the label, most are absolute dietary disasters and is solved simply with ‘real food’. If you require more citrus in your diet, slice lemons into water.


As a final bonus point, anything with a happy smiling dinosaur on the package is not ‘healthy’ and the ‘4 out 5’ doctors who suggest said product will endorse anything after the wire transfer is complete.


USPlabs 5 Most Overrated Bodybuilding Foods


Prepared by John Davies


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