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It’s been said that nothing tastes better than skinny feels.  Since skinny has never been a goals for me, I’ll go back to eating… my eggs… I wish I could say I was eating something cooler. Nevertheless, I eat and train to gain some size while keeping my bodyfat down.  I know what you’re thinking… this about 97% off everyone’s goal that has walked into a supp store; you know that simple goal of getting Yoked and shredded like mozzarella.  However, it is a viable objective with the right plan.  Will it happen in 8 weeks, no?  Will you gain 20lbs of muscle and lose 15 pounds of belly fat, maybe in 3 years, but this is indeed a goal you can work towards.  What you do in the gym is half the battle (statistics regarding whether or not training is 50% of your goals is unfounded, but if you’re worried about such things you’ve spent too much idle time already, so do something productive).  We’ve asked coaching legend and Renegade Founder John Davies to give us the 411 on how to train to get BIG and BURN that flab.


The most effective training regime is the most efficient; efficient in exercise selection as it relates to the recruiting the greatest amount of muscle, efforts dedicated towards movement preparation and injury prevention as well as proactive regarding important recovery measures. Unfortunately many training approaches tend to waste a great deal of time by making use of movements of only modest consequence or lacking sufficient emphasis upon movement generation and fluidity of action, as well simply not be fueled by a proper diet.


All training must place enormous emphasis upon mechanical efficiency and an economic use of time. Furthermore training must respect maintenance of optimal posture and movement efficiency, which uniquely relate to injury prevention and the decision to place greater focus upon the eccentric components of actions and elevation of work threshold within chaotic conditions.


Summarily, three major points to remember with each training decision:

  • - Develop optimal strength to maintain the optimal ‘power position’ in chaotic conditions
  • - Inefficient movement in the presence of fatigue is a recipe for injury
  • - Movement not musculature


Each of these concerns do not apply exclusively to compound movements associated with athletic training but equally classic bodybuilding as shown in the following Hybrid Training (Chest and Arms) routine.



  • 1a) Dumbbell Flies
  • 1b) Bench Press

Perform as super-set, 12 to 16 reps each by 4 total sets with 30 seconds rest between each.

  • 2a) Incline Flies (45°) 3-4 sets x 6 reps @80-85% (rest 35 seconds)
  • 2b) Dumbbell Pullover 3-4 sets x 12 reps @70% (rest 35 seconds)

Perform as super-set, 12 to 16 reps each by 4 total sets with 30 seconds rest between each.


Biceps: Perform as a giant set with 4 total sets with thirty seconds rest between sets.

  • - Close Grip Chin-Up x 12
  • - Standing Barbell Bicep Curl x 16
  • - Drag Curl x 16


Points to Remember At the apex of each repetition, squeeze the muscle for three count before lowering (eccentric action) the weight with good technique three times slower (often referred to 3:0:1) than raising.


Triceps Perform as a 'giant set with reps as listed with 4 total sets

  • - Dips x 6
  • - California Press x 12
  • - Standing Dumbbell Tricep Presses x 12



  • - Zottman Curls 4 sets x 12


STS™, 3 sets


For additional fitness and work threshold, add the following intense eight minute routine:

    • - Jumping Jacks
    • - Shuffle Splits
    • - Burpees
    • - Mountain Climbers

Perform each for 30 seconds, repeat circuits for four consecutive


Simple and effective protocols for bodybuilders and athletes alike but beyond any training theory, success is determined by deeds not words and typically what you do when none watch. Above all of training theories, eliminate the rear view mirror and the fear of failure. Believe in what you cannot see and have faith in what you know.
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Prepared by John Davies


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