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Hybrid Athlete | Swole and Agile


The issue with the present “fit-world” mindset is that only specific body types and avenues result in certain goals. The common misconceptions that to be fast you can’t be strong, to be strong you give up cardio and to be agile you basically have to do MMA are about as clinically sound as getting a psych diagnosis from your dog. The key to developing not only a massive physique but a fast and agile frame comes from careful programming and appropriate conditioning. If you don’t believe me, watch a game of football… genetics, sure, but genetics without the appropriate stimuli is no better than exactly what you’re doing day to day staying single-minded and doing your fasted cardio because that’s what everyone else does. With the right precision and periodization, you can take a tank of an athlete and turn him into an Apache Helicopter.


Swole, aka Jacked, aka Yoked, aka Stacked, aka Truck House, aka AMTRAC Train Set is basically another way to say a balance between strength and hypertrophy. Someone whom has achieved “swole” status is typically thick, not shredded, but not fat with substantial muscle and a strong frame. We can already see the framework to an individual athlete being both agile and strong just from the implied necessity for conditioning to achieve such a physique. In order to achieve the appropriate strength and mass, one must program the appropriate strength progressions to accompany their agility work. As I always like to preach, quality progression and application of assistance work not only helps develop strength and work on weakness but also develops the physique as well.


Agility, on the other hand, is a matter of appropriate spatial awareness, mobility and speed. Graceful movement isn’t always accompanied by soft footsteps and ballet jumps, but should be more associated with an individual’s ability to maneuver and manipulate one’s own body weight through space without injury. To accomplish this, consistent and repetitive movement drills help achieve this spatial awareness. Movements can be as simple as shuttle runs or sprints or as complicated as running routes or practicing plays.


The following is an example of how a typical Programming Day would look when trying to be swole and agile:


Day 2


Full Pause Bench Press

70% 5x3




50% 1xME Slow Tempo

45% 1xME Slow Tempo

35% 1xME Slow Tempo


DB Tate Press 3x20


Light Walking OH Bottoms Up KB Press 3x10 per arm | Standing upright with a tight grip, the bell end of the kb is held upright by the grip and pressed upwards

Doubled Kinetic Press (2 Hanging KB, Lights Inside, Heavier Outside) 3x20

12 Minutes, Alternating every 30 Seconds

100ft: Shuttle Run, Karaoke Run, Backwards Run, Forward Jog, High Knee Skip


Simplicity and repetition is key to developing the most agile athlete. When lumped up with a progressive strength program and the right nutrition, one can get absolutely be massive as a freight train and graceful as a flower… a really thorny one… with muscle...
Rob Saeva


Written by Rob Saeva of No Coast Strength and Conditioning


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