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Hybrid Athlete | Strength and Flexibility


Strength, the epitome of every athlete whether we are pushing to be the best or pushing to at least make life easier at work or at home, strength turns out to be the main goal of just about any gym-goer. When it comes to the typical athlete though, sometimes strength isn’t enough. Sometimes it takes a little more than just a basic progression and some recovery tactics to accomplish the level at which they need to perform. Deep squats, fast maneuvers and speedy transitions can be dangerous for a rigid strength athlete, so what may come next? Flexibility and mobilization!


The key behind combining key elements of the strength game and mobilization is not to be a Yoga master or be capable of moving weight in totally abnormal ways like some people may assume. The most important issue to remember is injury prevention and strength in Range of Motion. Good Range Of Motion opens a range of strength, size and safety as well as ligament and tendon health. Athletes such as weightlifters, strongmen/women, Crossfitters and team sports athletes require great Range Of Motion and strength in that range which can be accomplished by the appropriate combination of mobilization work, tempo work and full Range Of Motion strength work.


With that said, form is key… when applied appropriately and when ego is removed, the following programming can make one go from subtly nimble to swole at any angle:


Daily Max Full ROM Squat (Depth Below Parallel)


70% 5x3

Open Bar/Light Weight OH Squat 3x8

Slow tempo Romanian Deadlift 4x16 with pause at depth

5x8 Barbell or SSB Good Morning (8 being difficult) to a stretch

Front Rack KB or Barbell Walking Lunge 4x 50ft

Banded/Machine Hamstring Curls 100 reps


The key is application of appropriate Range Of Motion and emphasis on the subtle stretch. Once this is applied, ROM will begin to open and the individual will begin to get stronger in all the right places safely and gradually. When thrown together with the right style mobility program of basic stretches and trigger point work as seen in some of our previous mobility series blogs, you’ll be ready to snatch PRs and sprint to the goal line!


Rob Saeva


Written by Rob Saeva of No Coast Strength and Conditioning


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