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Holiday Guide to Feasting With No Regrets

I love this lifestyle and everything that comes with it. However, I am also a firm believer that Thanksgiving Day isn’t a day you count calories and monitor your carbs. The “plan” for any holiday feast should be to enjoy your family and friends and eat whatever you want without any stress of falling behind.

So, how do you eat whatever you want on Turkey Day and not fall behind? Easy. Formulate a plan of attack just like you do every damn day. Now, your plan of attack isn’t going to be – eat four servings of everything on the table, but it can include a little of everything you want.


My Strategy:


• 2-3 days prior to the feast, drop your carbs and fats and bump up your cardio 5-10 minutes a session.

•  The day of – Hit some fasted cardio, get in a healthy first meal, and then enjoy your friends, family, and food.  What you DON’T want to do is wake up on Thanksgiving Day ,not eat until mid-afternoon and think if you're skipping all your normal meals you’ll be good to go for as much food as you want.

• The day after – Right back to your daily grind.


The reason you want to hit cardio and eat breakfast is to set the tone for the day. Your cardio gets your metabolism ignited and ready for the day and a early meal has multiple benefits.


Countdown until the feast with Barbell Club member Ryan Blakeley

•  It starts to push nutrients into your body, which is obviously essential for our lifestyle and yes “dem gains.

•  It helps prevent you from being starving and craving a larger quantity of food that you truly need, helping keep your Turkey Day indulgence at a reasonable level.


Also, included in your plan of attack should be training. Since you’ll be full of food and have plenty of nutrients sitting in your system, be sure to hit the gym hard the day after your holiday. Wake up, grab a quick pre-workout meal or shake, pick out a lagging or large body part, and get to done. It’s time to utilize all the extra calories and nutrients you took in the day prior, to achieve one hell of a pump, and to fuel a pretty awesome training day. Don’t waste this window, it’ll be one of the best workouts you’ll have; I promise!

Now that Thanksgiving Day is over and everyone has recovered from their food babies, we can’t forget about the leftovers. If planned right, you can meal prep the rest of the week with all the tasty leftovers from the prior festivities. However, the fun part is over. Since we are back to the grind - it’s proteins, clean carbs, and healthy fats. Get out your digital scale out and grab the leftovers that are close to your normal nutritional requirements – turkey, sweet potatoes, greens, and anything else stacked in the fridge that is on the plan. Discard the gravies, croissants, pies, and other sweet treats – they no longer have a place in the plan 'till the next cheat day!


Written by Ryan Blakeley // Competition Prep Coach and CEO of Skullz and Barbells LLC

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