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Healthy High Protein Tuna Patties

Looking for a way to eat tuna to reap the nutrition benefits, without the bland taste? Try our Tuna Patties. An inexpensive and easy way to increase your daily protein intake. Season with your favorite seasoning blend for a personal touch!




1 can of tuna (in water, drained)
2 whole eggs
1 oz. Ritz saltines crackers or 1/3 Cup whole oats
1 oz. onions for taste
Coconut oil or EVOO for cooking




Mix all ingredients together in a bowl. Coat non-stick skillet or pan with coconut oil or EVOO and heat over medium heat. Pour mixture into pan to form two "patties". Once the patties begin to firm up and there is no longer any runny egg showing, flip them over. Add salt and pepper or a seasoning blend for taste.
Tuna Patties

425 kcal
21 g carbs
16 g fat
47 g protein


USPlabs Tuna Patties


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