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HD Bodybuilding Workout #7

Heavy Duty Deadlift Day for Bodybuilding


Flavors of the week:


Jack3d®: Watermelon
Modern BCAA+™ : Grape Bubblegum
OxyELITE Protein™:Cookies and Cream


Pre-workout cocktail 30 minutes prior to training:

1-2 scoops of Jack3d® Watermelon mixed with 1 scoop of Grape Bubblegum Modern BCAA+


Intraworkout: 2 scoops of Grape Bubblegum Modern BCAA+™+ mixed with 20oz of water.


Deadlifts- This isn’t your freshman dance, use your hips! Deadlifts are a great movement for the posterior chain as well as adding overall mass. Hammer your hips forward to drive the weight up. Try using kettlebell swings in your workout to work on your hip drive.

1x10 at 60% of max

1x8 at 70% of max

1x6 at 80% of max

1xfailure at 60% of max


(Stretch your lats- 15 seconds per side)


Underhand Barbell Row- Pull with your elbows and pause at your navel for two seconds. Control the weight as you lower.


4x8 at 80% of max

(Stretch your lats- 15 seconds per side)


Wide grip Pull down – Hold the angled part of the bar and envision pulling the bar apart. This will create greater lat recruitment


(Stretch your lats- 15 seconds per side)


Stiff Leg Deadlift : Two types of deadlifts in one day…get ready for all kinds of gains! You don't want to forget strengthening the lower back and hamstrings when training your back. It'll have a compound effect upon total back development and help with overall aesthetics.


(Stretch your lats- 15 seconds per side)


Shrugs: The shrug roll sounds like a bad piece of sushi… just don’t do it. Rolling back or forward won’t incorporate some forgotten area of the trapezius, instead you may be causing undue stress on your rotators.



1x15 (tempo 3-0-2)

1x15 (tempo 3-0-2)


Weighted Crunches:



Hanging Leg Raises:



Finish your workout with 1 scoop of Cookies and Cream OxyELITE Protein™ with your beverage of choice.

Mike Rea

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