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HD Bodybuilding Workout #30

HD Bodybuilding Workout #30



Flavors of the week:


Jack3d®: Blue Raspberry
Modern BCAA+™: Grape Bubblegum
OxyELITE Protein™: Milk Chocolate


30 minutes prior to training:

1-2 scoops of Jack3d® Blue Raspberry mixed with 1 scoop of Blue Raspberry Modern BCAA+™ Grape Bubblegum


Intraworkout: 2 scoops of Grape Bubblegum Modern BCAA+™


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Squats(classic bodybuilding stance with feet shoulder width apart and heels on 2 x 4:

6 x 12


Barbell Hack Squats (heels raised on 2 x 4)

6 x 12


Thigh extension

4 x 12, every three reps ‘drop down’


1a)Dumbbell stiff legged deadlift
4 x 12
1b)Hamstring Curls (dumbbell)
4 x 12


Walking Lunges (weighted)

6 x 2 minutes, with 2 minute rest



Hanging Leg Raise
5 x 12


Renegade Rows
5 x 12



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