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HD Bodybuilding Workout #22

Heavy Duty Bodybuilding Workout
Over the decades bodybuilding styles have come and gone like your father’s hairline. Of course there have been greats that will be immortalized on any given anniversary of a bodybuilding magazine, but a new standard of aesthetics is emerging. First we had the V-Taper, but it lead to a swarm of comments of “Someone skipped leg day”. Then we arrived at the mass monsters with 4% bf and 40 inch waist lines. Now brings us to the “X” -Wide shoulders and back, small waist and tree trunk thighs. Follow below for our X Factor routine.


Flavors of the week:


Jack3d®: Fruit Punch
Modern BCAA+™: Raspberry Lemonade
OxyELITE Protein™: Milk Chocolate.


30 minutes prior to training: Pre-workout cocktail : 1-2 scoops of Jack3d®: Fruit Punch mixed with 1 scoop of Raspberry Lemonade Modern BCAA+™


Intraworkout: 2 scoops of Raspberry Lemonade Modern BCAA+™: mixed with 20oz of water.



This Summer get AminoLIFT™ the Ultimate Beach Season "Lift-Me-UP" for clean energy and focus.



Finish your workout with 1 scoop of Cookies and Cream OxyELITE Protein™ with your beverage of choice.


The Workout: The “X Factor”


A1) Strict press 3x10
Quick tip: Go thumbless when pressing to boost your poundage.
A2) Pull ups 3x10


Expert tip: Can you do regular pull ups all day long? Try Gironda Sternum Chinups instead. With a reverse grip, lean back while pulling, and touch your lower chest/sternum to the bar.


Barbell Row 4x12


B1) Squats 3x12
B2) Breathing Pullover 3x12


Classic Bodybuilding Tip: Take a big breath and expand your chest at the bottom of the movement. Exhale on the concentric phase keeping chest expanded.


Leg curls 3x8 (rest pause sets)
Rest for 15 seconds after finishing each set and proceed to failure.


Lateral Raise 7x10
Rest 30 seconds between sets.


Finish your workout with 2 scoops of Milk Chocolate OxyELITE Protein™ with your beverage of choice.


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