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HD Bodybuilding Workout #15

Heavy Duty Bodybuilding Workout


Flavors of the week:


Jack3d®: Fruit Punch
Modern BCAA+™: Grape Bubblegum
OxyELITE Protein™ Vanilla Ice Cream


30 minutes prior to training: Pre-workout cocktail : 1-2 scoops of Jack3d® Fruit Punch mixed with 1 scoop of Grape Bubblegum Modern BCAA+™


Intraworkout: 2 scoops of Grape Bubblegum Modern BCAA+™: mixed with 20oz of water.


OxyElite Protein with Amanda


The Workout: Chest (Home Routine)


DB Bench Press : Have you hit a plateau with your bench? Try a high rep DB bench press to boost your barbell numbers.


A1) Reverse Grip Incline DB Press: Fill out your tank top. The Reverse grip may feel a little awkward at first but is a great way to help build the upper pec.


A2) Incline DB Flies
4x12 ( last set dropset)


B1) Dumbbell Pullovers: Keep your elbows in for greater chest recruitment and less shoulder strain.


B2) Pushups
3x failure


B3) Incline Pushups:
3x failure


BONUS– ABominable Swoleman Routine


Although you may be still seeing snow, beach season will be here before you know it. So hammer your core with this punishing mini routine.


A1) High Bar Leg Raise : Keep legs straight and lower with control.


A2) Renegade Row: Build powerful, chiselled abs by pulling weights up. Keep the core stable, tight and pull up – John Davies (Exercise creator)




A3) Dragon Flags: An exercise made famous by Bruce Lee. Focus on your abs, lower back and glutes during this movement.
(Rest 30 seconds between sets)



Finish your workout with 1 scoop of OxyELITE Protein™ Vanilla Ice Cream with your beverage of choice.




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