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HD Bodybuilding Workout #13

Chest with GPP (General Physical Preparedness)


Flavors of the week:


Jack3d® Blue Raspberry

Modern BCAA+™ Fruit Punch

OxyELITE Protein™ Milk Chocolate


30 minutes prior to training:


1-2 scoops of Jack3d® Blue Raspberry mixed with 1 scoop of Fruit Punch Modern BCAA+™


Intraworkout: 2 scoops of Fruit Punch Modern BCAA+™


OxyElite Protein with Amanda


The Workout

GPPRead 'Modern Cardio' for more info on GPP

Jumping Jacks – 30 seconds
Shuffle Splits – 30 seconds
Burpees – 30 seconds
Mountain Climbers – 30 seconds


(Repeat for 3-5 sets with no rest in between)


Bench Press – “As you set up on the bench, be sure to pull your shoulders back as hard as you can. Do this before the weight is handed to you. Pulling back the shoulders allows your lats to provide a stronger foundation. Plus, you’re utilizing the power from your lats in conjunction with your triceps, when you push the bar up” – Joey Smith (800lb Bench Presser)


1x6 (60% of max)
1x6 (60% max)
1x failure (80% of max))
1x failure (50% of max, perform as a drop set)


A1) Low Incline DB Press – Use a 311 Tempo (3 second negative phase, 1 second pause, 1 second positive phase.


A2) Incline DB Flies - "Pause for 2 seconds at the bottom of each rep for additional time under tension to further stimulate the pecs" – Victor Egonu (Pro Natural Bodybuilder)



Standing Cable Flies - Lean forward, and at the apex of the movement extend elbows and flex for a count of one.


Dips - This is a great finisher for chest or tris. Crank up the volume and knock these reps out.
7x10 (30 second rest between sets)


Finish your workout with 1 scoop of Milk Chocolate OxyELITE Protein™ with your beverage of choice.


pump day


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