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@Gable_Fit Workout Tips // Pump Day Booty Work

2014-08-06 14_23_53-gable_fit on Instagram

"HAPPY HUMP DAY #earnednotgiven // Lately I've been doing pyramid sets for some workouts. Usually in the beginning as my warm up and to really burn out the muscle. I start light and then climb, adding weight every set. Then drop the weight again. So I do A LOT of reps. Try for 20 (each leg)! I also like to super set my workouts: to really get a pump. Do these for 20 , lying hamstrings for 20 then 50 pop squats REST. REPEAT. For 5 rounds. #glutes #bootypump" - @Gable_Fit


2014-08-06 14_23_37-gable_fit on Instagram


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