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Gable_Fit Workout Tips // ME vs. ME

2014-08-19 12_43_19-gable_fit on Instagram

"Simple truth, if you don't do the work, you won't get the results, End of story. I realized one day what I was capable of, and stopped settling. I set a goal, I saw the results once, and that's all it took. Addiction set in. I have found my passion. I can honestly say I look forward to going to the gym. When I used to look forward to going to the bar. I run for that runners high. I lift because I love the feeling of the blood rushing through my body. It feels good! I want more, so I do more. I won't ever settle! This is a marathon, not a race. I didn't get here from where I was 2 years ago in a day. I won't get where I want to be in a day either. This is ME against ME. I will not quit!" - @Gable_Fit

2014-08-19 12_54_35-gable_fit on Instagram




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