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A Day In the Life of Matt Vincent


After 18 years of training one thing keeps ringing loudly in my head…


“Time is running out.”


I am very connected to my own mortality. I know that there is a time that all of this is going to come to an end. One day I won’t be able to train hard, one day I can’t be as active as I want to be, I won’t be able to compete or throw. Father time is a mother f*@ker, and eventually I’ll end up in the ground… ‘Till then we all have choices to make every day. One of the things I think about regarding my training is


“WHY am I doing it?”


I know there are certain goals I want to reach. Stronger and faster are my motivators. They help me in my sport of choice. They’re also key for my main goal of being the best strength athlete I can be. There is more though.


“Maybe it is the years, or maybe it is starting to get long in the tooth. I start to see the chinks in my armor.”


modern protein


Injuries start to happen and the small stuff starts to add up. I know you're thinking “Great, I know it happens”... And you're right. This is the same for everyone. Everyone makes a choice. Where is the difference?


For me it is the process. I don't care much anymore about the details of the X’s and O’s of training.


“ I know my program Strength LAB.”


“I know how to work around bumps and bruises.”


Sets and reps are nothing but a guide. I will spend countless more hours training than I ever will testing my merit.


“I love the field of competition.”


“I love to know that when push comes to shove I can perform at my best."


I think this is important for any person. Push yourself. See what you're made of. But the countless hours either in my garage, on the road training, learning from other lifters, and thinking about my training will always outweigh the time I spend actually putting it to use.


“Enjoy the process.”


This is something I keep thinking about. Over the last 3 years that has been the big change for me. It isn’t just always about preparing for the test of competition.


Matt Vincent knee sleeves


“I love training.”


“I love doing the work.”


This is important if you are going to dedicate the hours it takes to be successful in any area of fitness or strength. Learn to love it, all of it. There are a ton of intricate parts to the puzzle. Mobility, diet, rest, training, and intensity; this process is what makes my training unique.


“This is my journey.”


I don't know when it will end or why. I do know that I have today. I want to make the most of it since I enjoy training and the abilities that come along with it. I know I can use my body for whatever I want. If you are going to spend a giant quantity of your limited life span doing a repetitive thing, I hope that you love it as much as I do.


I love to know that when push comes to shove I can perform at my best.


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