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A Day in the Life of Anthony Thomas


I’m exactly 9 weeks out from Jr. USAs. With that said, my diet and cardio have been changed as I now turning it up a notch to really start grinding away to lose this fat!


My day starts with 2 scoops of AminoLIFT™ and I head straight for the gym at 9am I start fasted HIIT cardio for 35 minutes. As soon as I'm done with that I stretch for 10-15 minutes before heading home! Once I get home I have meal 1. Being today is my day off I don't do a whole lot of running around so I situate all my meals for the day so it’s an easy fix when it comes to meals 2-6.




After I eat meal 3 which is at roughly 3-3:30pm, I head for the gym for my second time. This time to train arms and possibly sauna for a little while! Set 1 consists of standing concentrated bicep curls 12-15 reps really focusing on the squeeze. I do 3 sets of this.


Following that I move to a triceps motion because I prefer to go back and forth from biceps to triceps when I train arms. I keep my arm days somewhat short (45-60 minutes) being that they are a dominate body part of mine. With that said, it doesn't mean I take it easy during this training! Once I wrap up arm training, I slam my protein shake.


Anthony Thomas’ Arm Workout


3x 12-15 Concentrated Bicep Curls
3x 10-12 Overhead Tricep Extensions
3x 10-15 Reverse Easy Bar Curls
4x 10-12 Reverse Easy Bar Push Downs
4x 10 Preacher Curls
4x 10 DB Tricep Kickbacks
3x 12-15 Cable Curls
3x 12-15 Tricep Rope Push Downs


After I drive home I shower, relax and wait for my post workout meal which is normally my favorite meal of the day being that it’s the biggest portion of food! This meal normally happens about an hour to an hour and a half post training! This mean consists of 8-10oz of chicken and 10oz sweet potatoes. If not, 1.5 cups of white rice. I prefer white rice. Once I'm done eating that meal it's normally TV time until my last 2 meals are out of the way. I work a crazy work schedule and with training my days are anywhere from 14-16hrs long. So, on my days off I like to go with the lazy bodybuilder is the best bodybuilder method! With that said, a lot of changes to come in the next 9 weeks and I look forward to being in the best shape I've been in yet! I will not be out-conditioned!


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