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  • Cool Summer Recipes (AminoLIFT+ Peach Tea Edition)

    The amount and variety of energy drinks at any local convenience store can be a bit overwhelming.  The names alone are enough to make you think twice before pounding a 16oz’er of " #NoRegrets - now with more Hashtag!", "Sugar NUKE XXXtreme" ... read more
  • ModernBCAA+ Summer Recipes (Blue Raz Edition)

    At this point, if you aren't using BCAA's - and to be a bit more specific, ModernBCAA+ - then what the heck are you doing? So, assuming you are already sipping ModernBCAA+ during your workouts, how about some frozen ModernBCAA+ for the summer ... read more
  • Modern Protein S'mores Cake

    I love S'mores flavored desserts. The combination of molten chocolate, sticky marshmallow and graham cracker is pure-genius.  The traditional S'mores dessert actually doesn't have as many calories as you'd think, only about 120, roughly the same ... read more
  • Beach Muscle Shoulder Workout For Bigger Delts

    Every day is beach season. No matter what time of year it is, the classic V-taper can help you look stronger and leaner and that physique starts with creating cannonball delts. Depending on where you're reading this, you may not be currently ex ... read more
  • Modern Protein Doughnuts

    Protein doughnuts... this may seem like an oxymoron or even an abomination of one of the world’s greatest baked goods.  However, it can be done and done well.  The key ingredient is Vanilla Ice Cream flavor ModernPROTEIN.  Our protein is not ... read more

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