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Through the now fifty-one previous editions of the “USPlabs Iron Day” we have been able to provide our readers a broad array of training regimes to reflect their goals. Whether interest lay in strength and bodybuilding pursuits, weight loss, needs of the military and law enforcement community or athletics, these training guides can serve as a tremendous blueprint towards goal achievement.

This effort came about due to radically improved technology that allows us to communicate with readers to which we are ability to quickly respond to their needs. With an open line of communication via Twitter, Google+ and Facebook we have been able to provide up-to-date information on efficient exercise approaches and ensure all readers utilize USPlabs products just as I have to their utmost.

Tammy Bravomalo discusses her supplement stack.

This commitment to providing information has taken a tremendous leap forward with the very recent release of the USPlabs | Ultra Premium Supplements educational library which houses considerable videos on proper exercise technique and suitable for virtually every method of training. As we push forward with the USPlabs Iron Day we will be making great use of these videos and I invite you to share with your friends.



As per our original intent of the USPlabs Iron Day, each Friday we will provide a daily training program (per reader choice), with a follow up supplement protocol on Facebook. Readers would cast their vote via Twitter (through either direct message or the “@” function) or Facebook and decide the topic.

Our choice for this week’s comes via Twitter and a member of the TestPowder beta testers who wishes to increase his Squat and overall leg power.

Legs development

The first point that must be understood clearly is without proper preparation you will not generate your maximal force. Your favourite music, passive stretches or stroll on the treadmill is not preparation and to achieve optimal results you will properly activate the hip and trunk region. Failure to do so and you will under-perform. That is not anecdotal commentary but absolute fact.


The most direct route to achieving this goal, without involving costly equipment, whilst deriving other long-term benefits is a combination of my hurdle mobility program, tumbling and RED2. I believe these are daily exercises regardless of training but certainly must be performed digging into the Squat racks.


RED2 a series of basic lunges must be mastered, both forward and backwards.

  • Forward
  • Side lunge
  • “Toy Soldier”

Perform each movement such that the entire RED2 section is two continuous six-minute blocks.

Hurdle mobility drills, #9 & #1-

Tumbling (over ten metres)

  • Forward Roll (stay in tuck)
  • Bear Crawl
  • Spider Lunge

At this stage you are physically ready for optimal performance and now must “turn the screw” with absolute mental focus.


Squats  4 sets by 6 reps @65%
Dumbbell Snatch (hang) 4 sets x reps @65%
Snatch Grip Deadlift 4 sets x reps @65%

(35 seconds rest between sets)


- a quick note to those who read “65%” and think it is “light”. No, it is with mind-numbing intensity that will leave everyone watching muttering the word, “athlete”. There are no words to describe this other than |get ready and then , attack, attack, attack.


Good Morning Squat 2 sets x 3 reps (90%)
Jump Shrug (Clean grip) 2 sets x 3 reps (90%)
Bulgarian Squat 2 sets x 3 reps (90%)

(90 seconds rest between sets)


How to perform Good Morning Squat

How to perform Bulgarian Squat

How to perform Jump Shrug (Clean)

How to perform STS™

a) Cossack Squats, 25 to each side
b) Buddy Carries, 100 metres (alternate)
c) Sledgehammer Strikes, alternating overhead strikes

repeat 3 sets

How to perform the Cossack Squat


This is not “easy work” and requires complete commitment. Do not omit because you think bodyweight work is “easy” and perform each movement with perfect form.  Create maximal tension throughout the entire action.

Core / Abdominal Training

Side Plank
Horse pose
Flying Squirrel

Perform two to four sets of each with 15-30 second holds per side.


Step two in this plan is visit the Facebook page well in advance of starting your training day for expert advice on how to optimize your results.

Prepared by John Davies
Photo of Joey Smith. For more details on Joey Smith please see his Facebook page and make use of his ultimate stack of Yok3d, Modern, Super Cissus, PowerFull , Prime, Recreate, Anabolic Pump and Pink Magic

Second from the top photo: Marissa Fields
Hammer photo: Casey Bard

John Davies is available on his personal page on Facebook , Renegade Training™’s, Google+, Renegade Training™ on Google+ as well as or Twitter.

John’s present supplement stack starts daily with the “athlete’s advantage”, Modern, Super Cissus, PowerFull and Prime, along with additional use of Recreate, Yok3d, Anabolic Pump and Pink Magic depending upon his training cycle (workout log 1, 2, 3, 4).

The information provided in “Instant Training Improvement Tips”, as well as this web-site blog is intended for informational and educational purposes only and should not be interpreted as medical advice for any condition. Always consult a qualified medical professional before beginning any nutritional program or exercise program. By reading this disclaimer, you hereby agree and understand that the information provided in this column is not medical advice and relying upon it shall be done at your sole risk

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