Instant Training Improvement Tips: major roadblocks for a lifelong athlete

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The great nemesis of the lifelong athlete is not simply the unyielding advance of time and how it can ravage the best, but the issues of complacency and adaptation. This two issues are intensely challenging to avoid and, in some degree, impossible with the only recourse thorough examination of training, dietary and supplement regimes.

For the lifelong athlete, experience is the guiding light through trials of daily training that younger athletes are unable to comprehend. The chaotic nature of high pressure situations, where younger athletes quiver, is the “alarm clock” for the experienced to wake and get down to business. Within elite level sport, many veteran players ease comfortably through practice at a modest pace before “coming alive” on game day as the experienced athlete wreaks havoc on the opposition while others whimper to failure. Coaches accustomed to veteran players understand this and know all the bellowing of younger athletes is like a pup on the porch who barks loudly but has no bite and calms with a good scratch behind the ears before nodding off to slumberland.

All the big talk or bellowing means little unless you “produce” and production is based upon a model of a proper training, dietary and supplement regime that is applied with proper sport skill development and a attitude that refuses to accept failure. This is the hallmark of experience that knows how to weather the storms and in-fact, only comes “alive” when the hard wind blows.

However the experienced athlete must also turn attention to the “beasts” of complacency and adaptation, which can at times be closely related.

With the latter, adaptation, it is part of the road of training experience and I can safely say that as you have performed a “few hundred thousands repetitions” of a particular exercise the training effect is lowered. In many cases the use of exercises where you have perfected the movement should be avoided as training has went from physically demanding to technical refinements. This is caused from the law of diminishing returns but can be navigated around to some degree by using different exercises that have a slightly different movement pattern, limb/joint angle or speed of overall action, as well as varying mediums.

Of complacency, the answer of that concern is solved with approaches that equally fight the problem of adaptation and lay in program design and regular adjusting regimes, mediums and settings to constantly stimulate the individual physically and psychologically. Quite naturally training environment, partners, competitive situations even daily logging of work, diet and supplementation can keep the lifelong athlete on point towards continued success.

Prepared by John Davies
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